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BreakInBox Challenges - Team Building Activity

The Team-building challenge

BreakInBox challenges are an overwhelming activity that encourages critical thinking.
The activity can be held as a competition between groups or as a collaborative team-building exercise.
Either way, a natural sense of friendly competition often emerges.
The BreakInBox challenges serve as an engaging team development activity.
They provide a perfect laboratory for practicing teamwork, brainstorming, communication, and leadership skills.

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Choosing the Right Challenges:

Consider: the target audience, time available, internet access, and whether it's their first time doing BreakInBox.
For example, employees at a tech company having a 1-hour activity with smartphone internet access would be well-suited to the Blue challenge set. Feel free to read about our sets, directly buy some (in Israel , or anywhere on the globe ), or get in touch for best practices or larger (than five) purchases.

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Activity Duration:

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Activities range from 40 minutes to over 3 hours, Depending on the challenge set.
In tech companies, typical times are:
- Blue set: 50 minutes
- Black set: 75 minutes

Group Size:

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Groups of up to 4 participants work best.
There's no built-in limit, but larger groups often have disconnects between leaders and other members.

Using Hints:

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Each box has a QR code leading to progressive hints reaching the complete solution.
On some sets, the QR code is printed on the ribbon installed on the outer box, while on others, it is on the bottom of each box.
Decide whether to allow hint use: as needed, prohibit part of the activity, or prohibit completely.
You can remove the QR codes if desired, either by removing the ribbon or by staining the QR codes.

Inside the Box:

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People expect something inside the final box.
Generic sets include a medal. Consider adding a reward like candy, a congratulatory video from the CEO, or a treasure map to a prize hidden in the office.

Required Materials Per Group:

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- Blank paper and pens
- Internet-connected laptop (preferred) or smartphone

Competitive Mode:
- Divide into teams
- Give each team the same BreakInBox challenge set
- Allow any information sources
- Announce hint policy
- First team to solve wins

breakinbox set hint QR image
breakinbox set hint QR image

Collaborative Mode:
- Divide into teams
- Distribute different sets to each team
- Allow set swapping between rounds
- Announce hint policy

After the Activity:
- Collect and reset the challenges so others can try
- Allow participants to take sets home to try with family

Resetting Instructions:
- Thread rubber band through the front and top box walls
- Lock the rubber band back in the original position
- Turn number dials on locks to randomize the code
- Do not mix lock parts between different boxes

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