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A different experience

Puzzles that lead you outside the box

Unique challenge

No safety nets, it`s you against the lock

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An adventure sure to pump you full of Adrenaline

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A challenge to bump you out of your comfort zone and into the vast plains of creativity.

red snowflake bullet Consequential thinking

Examining the result in the light of the goal: opening the lock.

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A perfect laboratory for teamwork, brainstorming, listening and leadership.

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There is nothing like the sweet taste of high mountain air, those who crack understand, those who understand will crack.

What our customers had to say

"An excellent game, definitely a fun, stimulating and interesting experience, a recommended activity for the whole family."

Ayelet, Jerusalem

"We received the purple box as a gift. We had a lot of fun, the challenges were interesting and completely unexpected. fun. Great gift!"

Tami, Tel Aviv

"Really cool:) We ordered the blue box, the puzzles were challenging, and the time passed with fun and quality thinking."

Eidan, Beer Sheva

Think you are up for it?

Our products

A BreakInBox set


Three locked boxes, one inside the other. With symbolic puzzles printed on the faces of each box, with no use of any language. Solving each puzzle leads to the lock code. The puzzles are not simple and rely on different and varied content worlds. It is permitted to use any source of information to find the solution. Most sets need an internet connection for the puzzles and the hints. There are a variety of sets with different levels of difficulty. To read more, click here.

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The wine challenge - think to drink

A two locks challenge, The puzzles are not simple and rely on different and varied content worlds. It is permitted to use any source of information in the solution process. An internet connection is required. There are two variants: the romantic challenge and the adventure challenge. Intended for ages 18 and up. To read more, click here.

A personal challenge

A personal challenge - is a challenge built from a puzzle that, among other things, uses the solver's personal information, which you provide.
Information such as names, dates of birth, phone numbers and so forth.
At the end of the solution process, the solver finds the physical lock code and sees the image file you uploaded for them. To read more, click here.

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breakinbox fortune cookies challenge image

Challenging additions

The fortune cookie challenge - a bag with 5 special fortune cookies, providing the base for solving an online challenge. The puzzles are not simple. An internet connection is required.
The chocolate coin challenge - a bag with 5 uniquely branded chocolate coins, enabling the solution of an online challenge. Not easy but not frustrating. Internet connection required.

The children's challenges

My first set - a locked challenge bag with a BreakInBox set inside. Intended for Kindergarten - 2nd-grade children. Recommended as a joint parent-child activity.
The children's challenge box - a bamboo box with 8 challenges of different difficulty levels presented on cards. Intended for kindergarten - 4th grade. Recommended as an activity for a child or a group of children and guided by an adult.
For further reading, click here.

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Customized BreakInBox sets built specifically for your organization

A challenge, based on your world of professional knowledge, that will capture the essence of working in the organization or correspond to any topic you choose and the degree of difficulty you want, based on your target audience.
For further reading,
click here.

When to apply

  • A team-building activity
  • Holiday gift for customers
  • unique invitation to the company event
  • Special giveaway

What we offer

  • Customized challenge box
  • virtual challenge
  • Challenge in a jar
  • Wine challenge

Why should you

  • Because those who don't get out of the box are left behind
  • And they say we are pretty good at what we do

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Iron source
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Facebook playground
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Bnei zion hospital
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Weizmann institute
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Sentinal one
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Shamir school
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Online games for you to try


An online game, an example of the puzzle style in sets. Difficulty level - medium



An online game as an example of the puzzle style in sets. Intended for computer professionals. Difficulty level - very difficult


The rabbit and the monkey

An online game as an example of the style of puzzles in children's products.


Frequently asked questions

The challenges interweave different knowledge fields and the solution process requires diverse skills.
The difficulty is subjective, yet empirically we can say:
For children: "My first set" - intended for children in Kindergarten- Second Graders. We recommend it as a joint activity for parents and children, for support, inclusion, and guidance, if needed and for encouragement and elation if not. Knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet is required.
Medium level of difficulty – the orange and white challenges (offline challenge) are also suitable as a family activity with ages 12+ and the blue set is recommended as the first challenge for adults
Hard difficulty level – the black, light blue (offline challenge) and red challenges are more or less at the same difficulty level
Very hard difficulty level – the green, yellow, and purple challenges. Not recommended for those who have not yet experienced

We recommend using a computer/laptop rather than a smartphone, as the user experience is significantly better, In the orange, black, and red sets, the importance of using a computer (and not a smartphone) becomes critical.
The white (medium) and light blue (hard) challenges are sets that do not require internet access during the solution, their hints also contain PDF files that can be downloaded, printed, and used as needed even in places without network access.

A QR code is displayed, on some sets, at the bottom of each box.
On other sets the QR code is on the cardboard ribbon wraped around the oter box
Scanning this code takes you to an array of web hints pages.
The hints are presented symbolically without the use of language and can accompany the solver step by step in the solution process until finding the lock code.
For the white set and the light blue set, you can also find PDF files that can and should be printed in advance.

We work with the shipping company Chita.
If you chose delivery by courier, the product will arrive at the delivery address you provided within 2-5 business days (except for special locations as defined by Chita). You will receive a text message when the package is on its way from the distribution warehouse nearest to the address you provided, to you.
Important - if you choose the option for the courier to leave the package at the door, and not for personal delivery, we cannot be responsible if there is a misunderstanding with the delivery company.
If you chose delivery to a distribution center, the product will arrive at the distribution center closest to the address you provided within 2-5 business days, except for special locations. Upon arrival there, you will receive an SMS with the details of the delivery point.
The package must be picked up within two business days.

Yes, if you are in the Karmiel area, contact us and we will direct you to us. You can also choose to pay in cash at the time of purchase.

Yes, the inner box measures 9.5 cubic centimeters and you can put something inside it - which fits that size.
If you wish to add a greeting, you can email us the wording after placing the order and we will print and attach the greeting to the box. (up to A5 size).
If you want to attach something more tangible, you can carefully open and close the boxes from the bottom side or request and receive the lock codes to open and close again according to the instructions detailed below.

Inside the innermost box there is a humble token of our appreciation and respect for you, for everyone who took the trouble and succeeded in the difficult challenge.

No, the puzzles are completely symbolic and no language is required to solve them or to understand the clues.
Unusual in that and containing a reference to the Hebrew language are "my first set", the white set, and the light blue set.

You can always close the boxes again and challenge someone you appreciate. Follow the instructions listed below.

We offer International shipping through our international shop.
Shipping destinations: We ship worldwide using Israel Post.
We default to eco post shipping to the eligible countries:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States (US)
If your location is not covered, please email us at lock@gordianlock.com, and we will get back to you.
Eco post Delivery time:
Estimated delivery time for most destinations: 5-14 business days.
The estimated delivery time to Australia and Hong Kong is 10-21 business days.

  • Thread the rubber band through the front wall and the top wall of the box
  • Make sure to fasten the lock on the rubber exactly the way it was threaded (not the same in all boxes)
  • Be careful not to mix locks between the different boxes.
  • It is extremely important not to forget after reconnecting the lock to the box - to turn the dials of the lock numbers - that is, to change the position of the numbers so that the lock is locked.
  • Be careful not to turn the number dials while the lock tab is pressed to the open position.
  • For your attention, opening the locks for the first time removes our responsibility for the correctness of the lock code.
  • correct lock opening