Website accessibility statement

According to an amendment to the regulations dealing with internet accessibility,
this website is exempt from the accessibility obligation due to the scope of activity
that does not add up to the mandatory minimum.
We invest a lot of time and effort in making the website accessible from the beginning of its construction.
The site is fully accessible. On this page, I will detail the tools and methods I used to make the site accessible,
as well as an explanation of how to contact me if there is a need to repair a fault or improve accessibility.
The site was accessed as follows:
1. Adapting the site to all types of modern browsers (ie all except Internet Explorer).
2. Adapting the site to all types of platforms - mobile, tablets and desktops.

In order to make the site and its contents accessible, the following changes were made:
1. Changes and tests on the site so that it fits all browsers and all platforms (responsiveness).
If there are accessibility problems, I would be very happy if they contact me. You can contact me via email: