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THINK TO DRINK challenges

The wine challenge that will blow your mind
Container locked with a combination lock. A QR code leading to a thinking challenge is printed on the container.
Inside the container is a bottle of wine locked with a special lock and a card showing yet another challenge.
It is permitted to use any source of information in the solution process.
Internet connection required.
We always recommend using a computer/laptop rather than a smartphone.
Sold from 18 years and up.

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Challenges to choose from::

Romantic couple challenge medium level of difficulty.
Only if you are at the "I love you" stage.

Mythological Adventure Challenge Difficulty level - Hard

Wine brands to choose from:

We offer a variety of types of wine from Israeli wineries, and our selection changes from time to time.
You can purchase a challenge kit without the wine bottle for simple and quick self-assembly. To watch an instructional video, click here.

The online puzzle has hints incorporated within itself.
The hints are presented symbolically without any use of language. and can accompany the solver step by step in the solution process until they find the lock's code.

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