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They said that...

"During a manager's fun day, we decided to make it fun through a group competition with Breakinbox sets - it was successful, fun, and challenging! Breakinbox staff was courteous and helpful throughout and it was a pleasure to work with them :) Thank you very much"

Eden, Amazone

"I enjoyed working with team Breakinbox, producing the Think to Drink challenge for our alumni conference. They managed to refine our requirements into riddles that exactly hit the goals we set for them and took the participants through the activities of the alumni organization in an experiential and connecting way. And the result was extremely successful. In short - a thinking challenge Interesting, fun, and amazingly adapted to the organization - highly recommend!"

Lotem Kopelis, Director of Atidim Graduates Organization

"BREAKINBOX company allows organizations to consume a smart, fun, informative content activity, such that every employee connects to it, even those who do not speak Hebrew. The product enables the adaptation of activities from forming a new group to promoting communication between people and teams. At IDOMOO, I traveled to England with the game and opened the visit with The escape box. I do not doubt that it was the best icebreaker I could have dreamed of. It was just a pleasure."

Netta , IDOMOO

"We approached Breakinbox to develop an activity for teenagers. Whare we met a professional and pleasant attitude from day one! The activity continues to work flowlessly we will surly continue working together."

Lidor, Unistream

Custom challenges

A challenge tailored exactly to your measurements

A variety of options starting with your branding on our generic challenges
and up to the development of a perfect set of challenges on a topic of your choice,
the level of difficulty you want, and all by your branding book.
A variety of out-of-the-box solutions while taking into account your schedules and budget.

We can create your custom:

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Your challenge is our challenge

First we shoot the arrow and we then draw the target around it...

Physical challenges

Atidim wine challenge

Think to drink

A two-step challenge: a locked cardboard box with personalized puzzles on its sides and inside is a bottle of wine of your choice. Around his neck is a riddle card, the solution of which leads to the code of a cork-lock that locks the bottle.

Think to drink wine challenge, the Decade Conference - Atidim program

wix branded breakinbox green set image

Generic set - branded

A generic set (in the photo of the green set) branded with a sticker on the front wall, with a gift in the inner box (in the photo - a whiskey bottle).

Delivery of challenges to employees' homes - WIX

veeam custom challenge box

Custom challenge box

A customized challenge box in terms of content (puzzles) and design, to be distributed to customers as a targeted marketing activity. The box contained an online gift certificate.


facebook playground custom challenge box

Custom challenge box

A personalized box with a gift for distribution as a giveaway at the founding conference.


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Virtual challenge

Suitable (also) as a simultaneous multinational activity in a form of your choice:
Competition between teams, team building, everyone solves in their own time
Or even a competition between all the company's employees - whoever solves first wins.

A whosent challenge per player

A challenge based on the personal data of each player.
Can be applied online, combined with a physical challenge or a card attached to any other gift.
Also suitable as a special personal invitation for an event
or to be included as part of a conference activity.

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