BreakInBox blue set

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BreakInBox blue set.

Difficulty level: Medium – The Blue Challenge is the least challenging. If you approach your first BreakInBox challenge, we recommend starting with it.

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BreakInBox blue set :
Three locked boxes one inside the other
Outer box dimensions : 15.5*15.5*15.5 cm
Weight : approximately 450 gr

Some of the puzzles and all of the hints make use of the internet.
In order to use the hints you need to be able to scan a QR code

4 reviews for BreakInBox blue set

  1. רונן אביגור

    נהנינו מאוד מפתיע ויצירתי
    חוויה שונה מחדרי בריחה בהם ביקרנו

  2. sally johnson

    Great game, certainly an exciting experience…both interesting and brought us together, the riddles are in good taste.
    we decided not to use the hints and slowly figured it all out, I would most definitely recommend it to any family!.

  3. Abraham

    I bought the game for my grandsons’ ages 17,20,23 it was hard to believe but they actually left the screens for a couple of hours, I enjoyed my grandsons and they enjoyed the game

  4. Joseph M. Flynn

    Solved Breakinbox’s blue set, enjoyed most of it, was fun, not too hard, looking forward to the red set

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