On line games

  • The online quests contain  a 3d model of a box quest.
  • The model can be moved and manipulated so that you may see all faces of the cube in order to conquer the quest.
  • To the right you will find a virtual padlock on which you can key in your answer.
  • Hints can be accessed by scanning the QR code in the bottom of the box or by pressing the hint button below the quest.
  • Should you not see the cube or not be able to move it, then your web browser does not support WebGL, if you click the button below you will be transmitted to a page showing the faces of the cube, so you can conquer the quest.
  • The 3d model will show on all modern PCs systems, all modern iPhone and on FireFox browser on  androids.

Have fun!

The High tech box only require basic knowledge in computer science, but High tech sounds really good, Hence High tech it is.

Like all BreakInbox riddles  it is not easy, but feasible.

Have fun!

The Chess box is a nice “not so hard” quest you are sure to enjoy.

It might give you a test of what BreakInBox is like.

Do yourself a favor and try to solve it on a computer…

Have fun!