Which challenge should I pick?

BreakInBox challenges weave different areas of knowledge and the solution process requires many different skills, which makes classification of the challenge complex, the difficulty in challenges varies from person to person.

However, according to cumulative testimonies it can be classified as follows:

Medium difficulty: the orange set, the white set (an offline set) are suitable for a family activity with people as young as 12 years old, the blue set is recommended as the first set for an all adult group of players.
Hard: The black set, the light-blue set (an offline set ) and the red set are about the same difficulty level.
Very hard: The green set, the yellow set, and the purple set are not recommended for the uninitiated.


How does the order process take place?

You will be asked to key in the purchase details and choose a payment method: credit card or PayPal.


If you chose delivery by messenger The product will arrive   within 2-5 business days (unless your address is located in a non-regular delivery zones) 



Is your payment secure?

We chose to work with Tranzila

The company has a PCI DSS Leavel 1 certification

So that your credit information is handled with full professionalism, responsibility and caution

How do I cancel the product I ordered?

If you wish to cancel your order, you can send an email cancellation request to [email protected] or contact our customer service center.

Is it possible to attach something to the inner box?

The inner box is 9.5 cubic centimeters.

you can request and receive the boxes lock codes so that you can attach whatever you wish yourself.

What is inside the box?

Inside the inner box there is a humble token of our appreciation for you, those who have taken the trouble to solve

Do I need to know English to solve the box?

No, the riddles are completely symbolic.

Is the challenge one-time, what do you do when you're finished?

You can always close the boxes again and challenge someone you appreciate.