A custom challenge for your organization

Perfect gift for customers and employees
Give experience as a gift

A custom challenge for your organization

Perfect gift for customers and employees
Give experience as a gift

Get a BreakInBox Box with custom challenge puzzles for your organization. We will build challenge puzzles based on the professional knowledge universe in which the organization operates or capture the essence of the work experience in your organization in a locked box.

A box locked in a combination lock
On the sides of the box are symbolic puzzles related to your organization

Customized puzzles

Branded box

Experience in lock

A different unique gift that will make your organization shine

For employees of the organization

* A gift for the holidays
* birthday gift
* Team building activity
* Selective external cover for a pay-raise letter (those who can not seem to resolve do not get the rise...)

For the organization's customers

* Promotion You can be sure that someone will be immersed in your content for quit some time
* Holidays gifts
* Innovative and creative cover for the usual advertising material

Convention giveaway

Team activity thinking-challenge

Holidays present

BreakInBox thinking challenge

The riddles are not simple and are built and adapted to the organization’s knowledge worlds. 

The puzzles are designed to take the user out of his comfort zone, to force creative and different thinking, to contribute to systematic work, and even to enhance mental strength, so that they will remember your message better.

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An innovative and young gift that everyone wants

Easy to carry but difficult to solve

Branding an existing BreakInBox set

Fun in a box

Communicating your message in an experiential way

Fill the box as your heart’s desires

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Creativity is the name of the game

BreakInBox requires you to activate your brain, making you more creative than ever before

100% use of the brain

The locked boxes and the unique puzzles encourage intense use of your mind

Perfect for promotion

A refreshing gift for sales promotion that will surprise customers and create an innovative and young image

Empower creativity

Our thinking challenges have been designed to get you out of the comfort zone and into places where you will have to think differently

Implementing troubleshooting strategies

BreakInBox’s challenge of thinking forces you to examine problem-solving strategies in practice, what works remains, what does not work is abandoned – practice brings perfection

Achieving knowledge

It is very likely that the challenge solution process will give you some knowledge you did not have when you started the solution process

Developing resilience

The very fact that the only measure of the whole process of your solution is the lock makes the experience equivalent to lifting weights for your willpower.
Finding a solution to the challenge is based almost exclusively on the determination of the solver

Development of outcome style thinking

The entire process of the solution is conducted in light of the result – finding the code for the lock

Pleasure and satisfaction

Like climbing, the sweet, intoxicating moment on the summit makes the effort worthwhile and even addictive


Our mental challenge is a perfect laboratory for teamwork an intelligent use that can empower any aspect of teamwork that you choose to focus on

Practice for the brain

BreakInBox’s challenge of mind is the brain equivalent of physical training, a box-a-day solution and your mental abilities will improve immeasurably

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