The Challenge

Three locked boxes one inside the other with riddles printed on the box's faces, solving the riddles lead to the lock's combination. On the bottom of each box, there are QR codes.scanning the QR code leads to a web page containing progressive hints.

General information

The challenge is suited for ages 16 and up' the riddles are not easy and are built on a variety of knowledge areas. Any source of information can (and should) be used to solve the challenge. Internet connection is necessary for some of the riddles and for all of the hints.

Among our customers


BreakInBox Benefits

Boost Creativity

BreakInBox sets are built to force you out of your comfort zone and into a creative, out of the box, line of thought.

Outcome Thinking Style Enhancement

A type of Breakthrough thinking, makes you consider your actions through the end result perspective, open the lock.

Mental Conditioning

Having only the lock to prove you right, after a long session of engagement, and finding that you are sometimes wrong is the equivalent of lifting weights for your will power.


The sheer joy of committing yourself to a challenge, once it is complete…

Team Work

BreakInBox is a perfect team work laboratory, it can enhance brainstorming, leadership, listening and any other aspect of team effort.

Hone Your Mind

BreakInBox exercises your brain and makes you better at being you.